A beautiful moment

I’m here in the second city of Chicago hanging with my friends, attending the Spring Awakening music festival.

It was a day full bass, trap, dubstep; so much that we had to take a break and go to the techno/house stage which was the only one not playing the aforementioned. We went on a water slide, we hung out at the silent disco, and met a TON of amazing people.

The most amazing thing happened during deadmau5 though. I’ve always thought deadmau5 was a jerk, and he is, I’ve seen him be an ass. His music and composition is beautiful though. He ended his show with Strobe and it was absolutely beautiful. So beautiful in fact that I had to write about the moment as it was happening.

“Watching deadmau5 play strobe and just thinking how he may be a jerk but his music is truly beautiful. The lights and sounds are so in sync. I feel at peace. No negativity. I see people around a little Intoxicated but I don’t judge. As long as they are okay. I see a couple just look at each other in happiness and it’s so beautiful. Someone jumps over a sitting girl and luckily he lands is okay; but it’s so fun and playful. The weather is awesome. The wind is blowing perfectly. And beautiful calming music is flowing through my body.”

I have to mention here that yes I was sober, so this feeling was all natural and not created. In the coming days of the festival I hope to experience this peaceful and exciting feeling more. I came to this festival mostly to hang out with friends and experience good vibes, and so far I’m getting exactly what I came here for.

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