My first passport stamp

I landed in Iceland around 3:30am US central time, or 8:30am Iceland time. This is my first and only layover on my way to Copenhagen. The flight was a little less than 6 hours and I slept pretty much the whole time. I rode Iceland Air and was honestly probably the nicest flight I had ever been on, more about that here.

The real story: Within 5 minutes of being in the airport, I already had lost my phone. I left it in the bathroom like a dumbass. I soon realized that my phone was not on me and I frantically searched my bag and ran back to the bathroom. The bathroom was all white and felt like  maze with its floor to ceiling doors and multiple corridors. I searched every stall. I talked to the service desk and they said they hadn’t had anything turned in. I ran back to the bathroom just in case. I approached this lady walking nearby and asked her if she had seen anything. She was so sweet, she tried calling and texting, but I wasn’t expecting anything to come of it. My phone was off, I hadn’t connected to the wifi yet and I had no idea if it would ever return.

There was a gift shop type store nearby and I asked them if anyone had turned anything in. Lucky for me they said a phone which matched my description was given to airport security. I talked to the service desk again, I found a security guard. He directed me to the upstairs service desk. I went up there, got my passport stamped(!!!!), and went to talk to them. They told me to go to customs because it was waiting there. After talking to several more security officers I found myself in the customs department. Unfortunately, it wasn’t there. This officer at customs was such a helpful man. He escorted me to yet another service desk and I spent about 20 minutes there while he and an airline employee made call after call trying to help me locate my missing possession.

After several seemingly hopeful phone calls, still nothing. He had one more idea. He made a phone call and happily told me he thinks he found it. We walked downstairs to this desk, appropriately named “Airport Security” and there is was. The lady handed it to me, the touch ID recognized me and I was full of glee. I wasn’t sure whether it would be appropriate to hug the officer who had put so much effort into helping me, but I opened my arms and he hugged me back.

Never again am I letting my phone out of my sight. I am very lucky someone turned it in and I am VERY lucky to have gotten it back. The moral of the story is to always keep you valuables close. It should be obvious, but I’m definitely not making that mistake again.

In other news I am ecstatic to have my first passport stamp! I believe it is the first of many to come.

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