A day in Sweden

I decided to take a day trip to Sweden during my trip to Denmark. A train leaves every 20 minutes from the airport to Malmo, Sweden. I went to the airport, bought my ticket, and was told the trains weren’t running at the moment and everyone was being shipped over by bus. I waited in line for around half an hour to get on a less than half full bus (when there was a growing line behind me) and we were on our way.

Border control always scares me a bit, the police asking how long I’m going to be there and sometimes why. It’s not quite as easy as having an EU card, but he goes by me with no issues. The bus ride definitely take longer than the train would have, but finally we arrive in Malmo.

I saved the Malmo area offline via Google Maps and I walk towards the museum I wanted to check out. It looks closed, but I walk around anyways. That is when I find out today is Midsummer’s day and almost everything is closed. I decide my next step is to find wifi, but of course the first couple of cafe’s I find are closed. I keep walking and make it to a shopping and restaurant square, which is buzzing.

I manage to find some free wifi, after the restaurant makes me “check-in” on facebook. I searched the web for some things I could do for Midsummers and decided to rent a bike and go to the Folkets Park.

Renting a bike was not as easy as it sounds. Malmo has a bike-sharing system and I went to the nearest station to pay for a 24 hour subscription and the payment was down. I proceeded to go to 3 more stations, where all of the payment would not work. I ended up back at the central train station using their wifi to pay the subscription online. I went back and forth into the train station from the bike dock because I couldn’t find my user ID and pin, which I needed to get the bike. Finally I had all the information and was able to get a bike. It took a couple times to find a bike that would leave the dock.

Eventually I made it to the park, and it was beautiful. I stood in line to grab some soft serve ice cream, known as “Mjukglass” in sweden. It was the best soft serve I ever had. It was creamy and sweet and thick, unlike our icey and lightweight soft serve in the States. I walked around the park, took some photos, sat on this bounce-house-like play bubble, and enjoyed looking at everyone. A lot of girls had flower crowns in their hair, this is supposed to signal that they are looking for a guy. Midsummers is apparently a day when a lot of girls get pregnant, so word to the wise.

I decided to leave the park and there was only one docked bike left, which seemed to be babysat by a german guy. I tried to take it anyways, but it said there was a problem with the bike anyways. I started talking to these guys, and told them I was from Texas and just visiting for the day. We talked more and more bikes arrived and were placed on the dock. They invited me to go to this other park with them, so I went along. The park was nice, but we talked of the beach and the beach was going to be better. One of the germans actually lived in a Swedish town north of Malmo, so he knew the area sort of well. We biked past the sandy beach, with promises of a better beach, but he took us to this shoreline with a little dock so you can dip in the water.

We didn’t want to bike any further, so we sat and hung out around there. I dipped in the water a couple times, felt amazing, fresh, and cool. I forgot this was technically part of the ocean and so it was salty, maybe why my hands felt so dirty afterwards.

Our time ended with going to the Texas Longhorn steakhouse. You would think I wanted swedish food, but nahhh these guys wanted me to eat Texas food with a true Texan. It wasn’t nearly as good as authentic Tex-Mex, but it was a good reminder of home.

We biked to the train station and parted ways. The story doesn’t end there though, I waited for the train (which was running again), it was late. The train also didn’t stop at the airport like I had expected to get off at. I had to get off at the central station and bike home. Then it started raining. Second night in a row that happened to me. At least I was wearing my swimsuit this time.

Til next time Sweden.


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