IcelandAir Review

This was my first plane going internationally. I’ve flown to Hawaii before, which has a similar set up, 2 seats, 3 seats, 2 seats per row. I like the big planes, I feel less claustrophobic and I like the wideness of the larger jets.

I paid $314 to fly from O’Hare Chicago to Reykjavik to Copenhagen. Two separate flights with a layover in Reykjavik, Iceland. About 6 hour flight to Iceland and another 5 hours to Denmark.

O’Hare is apparently known for delays. I’ve only flown out of there twice, but both times my plane was delayed. This particular flight was delayed 45 minutes and then yet another 45 minutes. We boarded the plane and sat there slowly making our way to the runway for another hour.

This is probably the nicest flight I’ve ever been on. I had a free checked bag and my carry-on was free as well. I walked on the plane and was handed a small bottle of water. Every seat had a travel pillow and blanket folded on top. The overhead bins were very spacious. Every seat had a TV/entertainment portal in front of it. The staff was nice and VERY well dressed and looked way better than any American flight attendant staff I’ve seen. They had a good selection of movies and entertainment, the blankets were clean and soft, and the flight itself wasn’t bad at all.

I took a United flight up to Chicago a few days ago and when I asked the staff there for a blanket they scoffed at me and said “no” with undertones that they thought I was dumb for asking. Having such nice staff and great amenities (at such a low cost) made for an excellent experience.

The second flight I took from Iceland to Copenhagen was in one of those standard 787 type jets (with the 3 seats on each side). They still had the entertainment portals on the back of each seat and they still provided blankets. Not sure if they provided any food or drinks for free because I passed out asleep before we even took off.

√ Would Recommend

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