Tivoli Park

Thursday (June 24th) we went to the Tivoli park in the heart of Copenhagen. It’s a little amusement park with rides, shows, animals, and more.

There was one big steel coaster, called “The Demon” and it had a loop and some barrel twists in it. There were some smaller roller coasters that weren’t as exhilarating, but still fun.

At one point we visited “The Fun House” or as we later called it “Satan’s Hellhole.” It was a playscape that was very difficult to navigate through because everything moved and would throw you off your direction. The steps to climb up would move up and down on both sides. So all the right steps would be moving down as all the left steps were moving up. The bridge was propelled up and down. There was the hamster wheel of death, where I actually hurt my shoulder a little bit. When you walked across this one area there were sections of the ground that was circles and they would spin around all in opposite directions. Plus the whole area was dimly lit. Kids seemed to love it, but we could not wait to leave.

Overall it was a pretty good day! Thanks Tivoli!

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