Amsterdam by Bike

What a scary place to be riding a bike! Right of way does not exist here, it’s pretty much just don’t get run over and *try* not to get into anyone’s way.

I met a girl, Mel, on my walking tour of Amsterdam and we decided to rent bikes together. The Dutch bike was 9 euro for a day. It only had pedal braking, but we went for it anyways. It was so difficult and scary!! Not wonder no one stops for anyone, it’s so hard!!

Where did we got on our own little bike tour?

Bloemenmarket: Tourist heaven, I mean “Tulip Heaven.” There’s an area on the canals where a lot of plants and tulip bulbs are sold. Ever heard of how the tulip bulb used to be worth up to an entire house? Tulip Mania

De Goyer Windmill
: This is the tallest wooden windmill in The Netherlands. It used to be used to grind grain, although the blades do not run anymore. You can’t go in, but you can enjoy a beer and snacks around it. It’s a nice area, so still worth the bike ride.


I AMsterdam sign: You can’t go to Amsterdam (as a tourist) without taking a picture with this thing.


Olympic Stadium: Built for the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam. It’s pretty big and cool to see. Makes another good photo spot.

Amsterdam Bos: This park is HUGE. We only went to one tiny section, but we saw a rowing dock and a gym (in the middle of the park yes). If we had more time we would have biked around it more. We ended up just sitting at a picnic table and eating food for an hour. It was great!

Vondelpark: We only biked through this park, with one stop to use the bathroom. It had a lot more people at it, and is closer to the city center. Check it out, it’s nice.

If you rent a bike, definitely leave the city center!! It gets easier to manage traffic outside of the city and you get to see so many more amazing things. Enjoy!


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