A Short Guide to Surviving Ibiza

Ibiza is a beautiful island with millions of tourists every year. You’ve probably heard about it’s world-famous nightlife, clubs such as Space and Pacha. Ibiza is so much more than that, it has beautiful landscapes, beautiful beaches, and the beautiful dark blue water of the Mediterranean.


First things first. Ibiza is not as expensive as you would imagine. Yes you may pay 50 euro to get into a famous club on one of their big party nights, but entertainment aside being in Ibiza won’t entirely destroy your wallet. Hostels may be around 40-50 euros a night, hotels being around 100+ euro, airbnbs can be found starting around 65 euro. Food isn’t terribly priced either. I got a warm ham and cheese sandwich for 3 euro. You can get a smoothie for around 3 euros. Get some pizza for around 3 euro and on and on. The grocery stores don’t have too many options, but they are still reasonable priced.


Bora Bora Beach

Drinks: You might as well set your wallet on fire. Drinks at cafes will start around 5 euro. For the fancy famous clubs….. Prepare to spend at least 10 euro for a beer and 15 euro minimum per mixed drink. Water and soft drinks are usually 3-6 euros a piece.


The Weedkiller at Ground Zero bar is only 10 euro and is at least 3 drinks worth.

Souvenirs are cheap, so get all your friends t-shirts and bags and keychains with the word IBIZA plastered all over them. Make them wish they had came.

Getting Around

Public Transit. The buses are very useful. During the day you can get all around the island. For two euro you can take the #3 between San Antonio & Ibiza town (the two biggest cities on the island). Taxis are reasonable, but I always avoid them if I can. During the night you can take the discobus between the big clubs on the island. Ibizabus.com

Scooters. I had really wanted to rent a scooter and zoom around the island, but I wasn’t able to find someone to rent to me. Either the 50cc scooter I wanted wasn’t available, the insurance deposit was too much, or it wasn’t safe. Several places told me they wouldn’t rent to me unless I had experience in driving a scooter. I had saw online that the companies will sometimes teach you and it’s real easy. Not for me apparently. To rent a scooter you’ll need either a motor license or a car license. To rent the 125cc you have to be 21 with the car license or have the motor license. If you can, have a friend teach you the basics of riding a scooter before you go! I was super sad about it, but a good alternative was busing to several beaches around the island.


Took a bus to the Cala Vadella beach on the west part of the island. Was a nice cove to hang out in.


Watersports and boats are very common. I paid 100 euro to go scuba diving for the first time! I spent 5 hours on the water, 45min – 1 hour of that was with a trained instruction underneath the water, and about 30 minutes of that was snorkeling. Wasn’t too much to see, but it was a good experience. The compressed air is very different to breathe and I was nervous, but I held the hand of my instructor the whole time and he made me feel very relaxed. I held a starfish, saw a sea anemone, saw a bunch of sea urchins, and of course lots of kelp and fish.

You can also rent a boat and go out in the water, rent jet skis, go water skiing and wakeboarding, go parasailing, etc. Any water sport you could imagine is offered here.

Snorkeling in the water after I took my first scuba dive.

Snorkeling in the water after I took my first scuba dive.

Clubs in Ibiza.
Don’t buy tickets in advance. Things don’t really sell out and if they do then there won’t be any discounts. If there is a popular show or artist playing, you can get tickets online or a couple days in advance. For all other purposes, you can typically get discounted tickets from promoters around the island. Go to any beach in the afternoon and you’ll see groups parading around or people throwing out wristbands. The deal is get there early and you get reduced or free entry to the club, which can really help when drinks start at 10 euro.


Boat parties
I personally will probably never go on a boat party again. Alcohol and a swaying boat do not go well together for me. I felt really bad. Instead I would have preferred an island tour, where we drive along the coast and talk about the island. I attended a Pukka Up boat party and it was fun and I got a lot of perks, but I wouldn’t do it again. Use your own judgement though! They can be fun!


Made new friends at the boat party!


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