A Very Annoying Bus Ride – Eurolines Review

I had quite a bad experience with the bus company Eurolines. I figured it would be about the same quality as the other bus companies, but boy was I wrong. We rode from Barcelona to Lyon, a solid 8 hour trip.

It didn’t help that getting to the bus station was rather stressful on us. We arrived already stressed out and anxious. Eurolines makes you “check in” with your online tickets to get a boarding pass. We waiting in the wrong line and then had to wait in another line to get the passes. Our bus was scheduled to leave right around the time we got on, but this company is very disorganized so it took another 20 minutes or so to get going.

The bus itself didn’t have working wifi and did not have plugs. I had loaded a few tv shows on my computer, but without plugging my computer in I wasn’t gonna watch them.

This was an overnight bus and things kept bothering us. The bus driver was playing the radio in the middle of the night, not loudly but enough to keep us up. Out of all the reading lamps in the bus we had one that was faulty. It kept turning on and off randomly so we got creative and peeled a postage stamp off and stuck it on the lamp to block out the light.


Flash photo of the stamp covering the light.


Stamp covering the light, somewhat darker.

The bus also made quite a few stops. 40 minutes being on the road and we all had to get out at a truck stop for a break. The drivers ate, but we weren’t even allowed inside the bus. At least out stuff was safe. We made a few smaller stops, including one that was a French passport check. Guess they didn’t want any stowaways or refugees coming to visit.

I will never be taking Eurolines again. It was an awful experience and I would not want to repeat it. It might be very well for you, but after tonight I will not be returning. If you do get a ticket, make sure you get to the bus station AT LEAST 30 minutes before. Or earlier. Save yourself some stress.

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