First Few Days of School

I’m a rather anxious person, I tend to overthink things, which causes me to get nervous, and then start to doubt. As with all things, I’m nervous and skeptical. I’ll be studying on exchange at Bocconi University (Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi) for the next 4 months, so I better adjust the best I can.

The first week of school only consists of an Italian class and orientation activities. Italian class is boring, I’ve learn most of it through the Memrise app already (which I highly suggest if you are going abroad). The basics of a language are always boring, especially if you already are familiar with a Romance language.


It’s also been a weird transition staying in one place, moving into my first apartment, and being around the same people all the time. I’ve never had my own apartment before. I’ve been living in dorms and student coops my first two years at UT, both which are a lot different from a single apartment. I find that I see myself more independent than I ever thought I could be. More info on trip reflections here.

I’ve met so many other exchange students already. I am hoping I will eventually fall into my place and find people like-minded to me. My classes start on Monday and I am pretty excited to meet the other students in my classes. I’m taking mostly marketing related classes, but also one finance class. What’s interesting about classes in Europe is you can choose to take the classes attending or non-attending. Non-attending students are usually graded solely on a test at the end of the year. Classes are cancelled in mid-October for “mid-term week,” and not even all classes have a midterm.

Spirals here cost around 3.50 euros. I’m really missing the 10 cent spirals from Walmart. Despite all that I’m excited to learn about Milan, meet people around the world, and experience college life in the EU.


First day of Italian Class!

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