Steps to Visiting a New City

Traveling to a new city isn’t always the easiest thing, especially if their language and culture is very different than from what you are used to. I’ve travelled to a lot of different cities and began to form a quick pre-departure plan.

Google Maps App is a lifesaver

Google Maps App is a lifesaver

Step 1

Download the city and surrounding area on google maps. This allows you to access streets, some buildings and businesses, and more while offline.


Step 2

Research where you want to go in the city and how to get places. Even if you know what you want to visit, you never know what kind of surprises a city may hold.

Step 3

Mark all important places on google maps. You can either “star” a place or “label” a place. Labels allow you to write notes or specify what the place is. I will mark where I’m arriving from and leaving from, where I’m staying, and various places I want to visit.

This also helps in offline situations when I want to figure out how to get somewhere.

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 00.21.07

Step 4

Gather all the documents you may need and double check if they need to be printed. Some tickets need to be printed, others can be viewed through your mobile.

Step 5

Pack accordingly. Long trip, weekend trip? Budget trip or inexpensive trip? If you’re doing a short weekend trip you don’t need much more than a backpack or small carry on sized suitcase.

Step 6

Make it to your plane, train, or automobile early and get on stress-free! Have fun!

Of course every situation isn’t going to be perfect. Sometimes I wouldn’t have time to get everything together or do any research and then I would be stuck on a bus (with poor wifi if any) not exactly knowing where I am going. Since I was on the go I couldn’t always pack accordingly, now that I have a home base I’m excited to only bring the necessities with me! If you’re going to do any of these steps, make sure you download the city map via Google Maps. It’s a lifesaver if you don’t have wifi or your service is buggy.

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