Como, Italy

I have Wednesday afternoons off, so I decided to use my time to explore the nearby city of Como. It’s roughly 43 kilometers from Milan and takes about half an hour by train.

Como is home to a natural Y-shaped lake at the very base of the Alps. It’s the largest city on the lake and has history dating back to Roman time. It’s a cute little city filled with pastel terracotta roof houses, shops, and of course the lake.

I went with this girl from my università, I had posted on our Facebook group if anyone wanted to come, so it was nice to have a companion. We walked along to the lake to the Life Electric statue. Its 3/4 of the way into the lake and you have to walk on the long side to get there. We thought it went all the way through, but the boats have to get out of the port area somehow!


Life Electric monument in the middle of the lake

The city of Brunate is only a 8 minute funicular ride away. It’s pretty high and I could tell because  my ears popped several times. Unfortunately, it was a foggy day in Como. You couldn’t see much. On a clear day you’re supposed to be able to see the cities along the lake, Turin, Switzerland, and the high Alps in the distance. We didn’t want to just get back on the funicular, so we walked around town, looking for something to do. The signs we were passing kept saying Como with an arrow, so we decided it was probably time to head back. Only significant thing we saw there was yet another church.

Walking around the city center of Como was a nice walk and window shopping experience. Featuring a mix of local and upscale stores, the city embodied what a typical Italian city looks like. We found the Porte Torre, the gates of the city, and headed back to the train station to go back to Milan. A perfect day trip!


Panoramic of Lago di Como

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