Milan Sights to See: A Simple List


-Lucky shiny leg

-Damage from bomb, thought to be the leg, actually just a random part on the door

-Statue of liberty, the original (lady liberty eventually was a mix of this and French statue)

-took forever to build

-Visconti family

Visconti family seal

-Snake eating a human, seen on the inter soccer team and a car logo

-Viper because of Dante’ poem

Hospital business school

-don’t touch the grass, because of the graves

Bones chapel – Chiesa di San Bernardino alle Ossa

-decor came from hospital graves

Opera house – La Scala Opera

-Amazing acoustics, best in the world.

-You haven’t made it in opera unless you’ve performed here

-bombed, but rebuilt within a year exactly because of the amount of photographs that were available

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

-Built to commemorate Italy being unified in 1861

-lit by gas lights at first, but was the first place in Milan to get electricity

-First Prada store opened here

-Savino, first restaurant in galleria

Merchant market

-Great acoustics

-where the word bankrupt came from

Stock Market Exchange

-the finger, the guy

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