I Moved to France

Oui, c’est vrai! About a week ago I packed my bags and left Dublin for good and took a flight to Paris where I met my boyfriend at the airport and have begun a life in the proclaimed City of Lights.

Overall, Dublin just wasn’t doing it for me. It was cold… and well rather boring actually. I tried to check out some of the popular sights of Dublin and yes there were some parts I really did enjoy! Although most of them had to do with alcohol, i.e Guinness Storehouse and the Irish Whiskey Museum, as well as the numerous pubs and bars to visit. I enjoyed my job at a little café, but I did not enjoy having to leave the house at 5:55am to get into town for those days I had a 7am shift. I also did not enjoy the price I paid for a transit system that is lacking; the price of a bus or train ticket was more expensive and less beneficial than most european cities. I also did not enjoy the pressure to find housing and accept the first place that accepts you because you fear about not finding something better.

There were several days I spent just doing Dublin much like a tourist would, checking out the museums, eating and drinking in a pub, walking around, etc. After doing that I totally get the appeal of visiting Dublin for a weekend or even a week and why people love it so much. But going in and trying to make a life there was hard, was stressful, and I found that Dublin was not the city I was looking for. I’m not saying that it’s easier to move to other cities, but instead I didn’t find what I truly wanted and that made it all the much harder. For example, what I really wanted when moving to Europe was living in a walkable city with good public transit to the extent that you don’t need a car to comfortable live in the city. This is unfortunately not the case with Dublin as it felt to be modeled more like an american city full of urban sprawl and suburb-like areas.

Be prepared for more upcoming content about life in Paris, but also look out for more posts about Dublin as I try to talk about the city and my experience as much as I can.

À Prochain!

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