Thrifting in Dublin

I’m a huge fan of thrifting and finding a good deal. As I have grown older I have tried to adopt policies of buying less, buying higher quality, and buying reused (recycled, up-cycled, second-hand, whatever word you want to call it). I find buying new to be mostly unnecessary and in some cases a waste of resources. This is my believe behind thrifting, but finding a good deal for a low price is where the adrenal rush comes from.

Dublin has quite a number of charity shops. Just walk around the city center and it’ll be hard not to pass one by. But what are the best ones and where to go? Problem is since the shop inventory is always changing, it is hard to say which shops are the best shops. BUT, I can tell you that there are certain clusters that may be worth to go check out for an afternoon.

George’s Street

I hear a lot of people talking about this one so I’ll start here, although it’s not my favorite. On George’s Street, right between Dame St and Exchequer St are several good charity shops.

  • Oxfam Ireland (my fave out of the 3)
  • Enable Ireland
  • Vincent’s

They are all practically next to each other so it’s fairly easy to go here and look through for some good finds. At any charity shop I highly recommend looking for quality jackets (not polyester ones). If you stay in Ireland long you will want a nice coat that goes down to at least mid-thigh and is made of more than just polyester, try to find something with down filling, wool, or some sort of animal hair. Its fine for the lining or shell to be polyester, but it’s not really worth buying a jacket if it’s 100% poly.

Capel St

Walking north on Capel St from the River Liffey will also bring you to many thrifty and charity stores. I personally prefer this area because there is a little less overall traffic and not as close to the main streets, plus its the area with the most thrift shops on street. Here you can find among others:

  • Enable Ireland (there are so many of these places)
  • Gorta
  • The Goodwill Thrift Shop (nothing like the Goodwills of the USA, also this shop sells smoke shop type stuff up front, a little strange, but can catch you off guard)
  • Irish Cancer Society
  • Casa Charity Shop
  • Dublin Vintage Shop (Right across the street from the Hemp Store, good place to find souvenir beer glasses for cheap)
Capel Street Thrift in Dublin

6 shops all within walking distance


Locate the Tesco near Phibsboro. Found it? Alright around the Tesco there are two charity shops on the same side and several other around the corner.

  • Enable Ireland
  • Oxfam Phibsboro
  • Irish Cancer Society
  • Debra Ireland Charity Shop (exists according to Google Maps, but I haven’t personally been in or seen it for myself)



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