Bars of Paris – Google Maps Edition

This one can be a little tricked to figure out than a coffee shop. I would say there is less consistency compared to a coffee shop. So maybe one night of the week is really good, but another one can be absolute merde. Or maybe next week a wild stag party will come in and ruin the vibe. Or maybe you got a different bartender than last time who didn’t quite make your drink up to par. In general, there are a lot of factors that can affect your experience or outlook of a bar and compared to a coffee shop, people tend to have a specific personal taste. I’ve tried to compile this list as a list of places that both I would be interested in, and at least some of the general public are.

Through my research, I tried to write a brief description of what each bar is like, but again as mentioned, it’s hard to exactly pinpoint how a bar is. I wrote to the best of my ability notes about each bar, related to price points, atmosphere, unique points, etc. There are sooo many bars in Paris though, so don’t let this list limit you. This doesn’t even include any nightclubs (word to the wise, don’t drink at the nightclub $$$), so take the list as just a place to get started. Enjoy!

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