Coffee Shops to See in Paris – Google Maps Edition

When you think of a Parisian Cafe what comes to mind? Les terraces? Aka the nice outdoor seating areas that allow prime real estate for people watching. The coffee and croissant combo while reading the daily newspaper? Yeah pretty cliche things, but when I think of this typical style Parisian cafe, I think of a burnt latte with too much foam, and 7€ disappearing from my pocket.

You read that right, yeah a 7€ latte, that wasn’t even good. I tried several Parisian-style cafes to meet up with people and all of them had terrible coffee. Quelle honte, what shame. I started telling people that Paris has terrible coffee and many of them surprised and said, “oh but not, that’s not true,” in a tone of defense. I did some sleuthing and decided to do my best to find good coffee shops that can handle making a latte without burnt milk or disgusting foam.

That is where Google Maps comes in.

Google Maps has always had a feature allowing you to save addresses, but just recently they came out with making lists for saved addresses. The only bad thing is it didn’t come sooner. I say this a lot, but Paris is overwhelming and it’s necessary to break it down or else… well you might just be tempted to stay home. I’ve been curating and creating quite a few lists now, so this will be my first in a series of lists to help people navigate the many arrondissements of Paris.

Coffee Shops. Here you will be able to see my personal list of coffee shop recommendations. I have by no account been to all of them, but I searched high and low and near and far for recommendations from people and online and have compiled them all here. The list continues to grow as well! I’ve done my best to screen these places via the reviews and write little comments here and there about the general gist of the place. And if I go and it sucks? Well sorry, being taken off the list. 

How can I access this list? Click the pic below! You’ll be redirected to my list and from there you should be able to follow it to your app and be able to save everything. Let me know if you run into problems or have comments about the shops!

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