10 Days Quarantined

At first the idea of quarantining might sound fun. It’s kind of like when you were a kid and decided to build a blanket fort inside. You gathered all what you needed to both build and have fun inside your fort. You build up your little nest and little home and filled it with everything you would want. You brought your favorite books, maybe a snack, your portable DVD player, your gameboy, etc. You would sit and hide inside your blanket fort, hiding away from the rest of the world, laughing and not being bothered by mom and dad.

Life feels a bit like a blanket fort now. But this blanket fort has sealed up the exit. There is not way to get out of it now. Our little paradise has now turned into our own prison. We scratch and claw and beg to get out. Some of us manage to break free and run away without a care in the world. They scream “I’m free and I don’t care!”

What a world we live in.

The truth is we need to remain in our blanket fort. But that doesn’t mean our blanket fort has to become a living a hell. We just need to learn how to adapt our blanket fort to be a more long term solution. Leaving the blanket fort would mean sacrificing others’ chance at getting to leave their blanket fort. Leaving the blanket fort is essential only for the essentials. In war times you don’t leave the fort and when you do, you make you make it quick and concise.

Luckily we don’t run the risk of getting shot or bombed from above. But arguably, our enemy is much worse. Our enemy is invisible and random. It attacks anyone, but it’s hard to say for certain who is going to more “more attacked” than others. This makes the enemy much more dangerous. How can you fight an enemy who you cannot see? How can we know this enemy actually exists? How can we survive both the enemy and the environment the enemy has left us with?

Return to the blanket fort. Safe haven.

Protect others. Go back to the blanket fort.

I feel like I am in the blanket fort. I consider myself an extravert and as much as I love being social, I also love being crafty and active in personal ways. I miss being able to go out to the park. I miss being able to go out and see the new window displays in the stores or grab a beer on a terrace. I miss being able to see my friends in front of me and talk. But at the same time it’s kind of fun to embrace my inner child and start loads of projects. I’ve been reading, sewing, taking online classes, doing online trainings, scrolling facebook (okay bad), doing daily yoga…. It’s kind of like a mini staycation. A good time to self-reflect and let yourself BE BORED! Being bored is not a bad thing, in fact, it is where most of creativity starts. Overall I think I’m surviving the quarantine pretty well. It can be hard to stay motivated, but it’s important to maintain some sort of routine and inner self-worth. I wrote a separate post about “How to Survive a Quarantine,” check it out and embrace the blanket fort.

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