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Hi, I’m Mary

Welcome to my little piece of the internet. A little place for me to call me own, a place to write and display my stories, adventures, and throw my thoughts into the world. Cliché as it is, I have “chosen the path less taken,” by moving abroad (several times) in search of figuring out who I am, what the world is about, and how I fit into all this mess. I strive to write about useful topics, such as how to find affordable French classes in Paris, or my real feelings, like how hard the culture shock hit me the first time I left the US. I like to write about my struggle and the hard things that no one wants to talk about or admit. It’s hard to settle and it’s hard to purposely challenge yourself and to seek a non-traditional path, especially when you learn it’s not as glamorous as it may seem. What I want to do is give back to the world. My goal is to be informative, but also write from the soul. I want to write step-by-step guides alongside writing about my growth as a person and as a traveler and as a human being! So welcome to my space, feel free to take a seat, and make yourself at home.


Notable Adventures & Guides:

Euro Trip

Current Adventure:

Click The Pic to Follow my Progress as I Master the French Language

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