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Hello, I’m Mary

You seem to have stumbled into what I like to think of as “my little piece of the internet.” This has became a place for me to write and display my stories, knowledge, and wisdom. Cliché as it is, I have “chosen the path less taken,” by moving abroad (several times) in search of figuring out who I am, what the world is about, and how I fit into all this mess. I strive to write useful topics or my real feelings, not just generic posts like “13 cities you must visit before you die.” No, that’s not me. I try to write about true things. Like my struggle to integrate or settle in a new place. My differences in a new culture. Things that I really enjoyed doing in such city. How do do boring things like apply for a social security number or find housing. Yes that is what I want to give back to the world. Useful information and true emotions. I don’t want a website to cater to others, I have curated this website to cater to me. It is my piece of the internet and I believe it should represent me and who I really am.

Cheers, Mary

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Euro Trip

Current Adventure:

Click The Pic to Follow my Progress as I Master the French Language

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