Irish Working Holiday Visa – Updated!

Update: So I mailed out my application on Monday, it is Friday afternoon and I have just received an email from the consulate in Chicago that my application has been approved and I can move on to step 2 of the application! This is really exciting as I had expected it to take over a month to hear back, but it was within the same week! I cannot contain my excitement. I already have tickets to enter Europe and go to France, but now I just need to buy tickets from France to Ireland and then tickets showing I’m leaving Ireland. I also need to find some medical insurance that will cover me for an entire year abroad. I’ll do some more research and update when I have found some options! I also should look into booking an appointment with the Garda National Immigration Bureau, better sooner than later!

Original: Today is the day! The day I finally mailed out my visa application for an Irish working holiday visa. It was such a relief to finally have all my documents together and to have it out in the certified mail.

Below is my checklist of all the documents I needed. I was most hesitant about sending out my university diploma, but after having sent it and talking to a nice postal working I am confident i’ll get it back in pristine condition. I’ll update when I hear back in about a month!

  • Apply for Visa
    • Fill out WHA Form
    • Photocopy of US Passport
    • 2 Passport Photos
    • Current ResumeGet 2 references – I got them to write letters recommending me including their contact information
    • Diploma
    • Bank Statement Make sure it says at least $4,000 by end of the month (I borrowed money from my parents for this)
    • $352 money order – Buy at Post Office
  • Visa Part 2
    • Buy Return Airline tickets – or at least tickets showing you are exiting Ireland at some point within a year\
    • Find and buy medical insurance for duration of trip
    • Original Passport

Note: I would have taken a photo of my final envelope, but USPS doesn’t allow photos of postage due to fraud. I’ll snap a pic when it is all returned to me.

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